The startup for DNA testing, Veritas Genetics, confirms data breach


Veritas Genetics used to be According to a startup doing DNA testing, a data breach has resulted in unauthorized access to some customer information.

Based in Danvers, Massachusetts, the company said its customer portal was "recently" injured, but did not say when. Although the portal contained no test results or medical information, the company did not want to disclose what information was stolen – just that a handful of customers were affected.

The company has neither made a public statement nor acknowledged the violation on its website.

Spokesman Rodrigo Martinez denied that it was a data theft, but provided no evidence to support the allegation. Her statement did not address the violation.

Bloomberg first reported the news.

Veritas, whose competitors include 23andMe, Ancestry and MyHeritage, claims to be able to analyze and understand a human genome using a person's DNA. This allows customers to understand what health risks they are exposed to later in life or to transfer these to their children.

Although the stolen data did not include personal health information, there is a danger that health startups, especially those dealing with sensitive DNA and genome information, can not protect their users' data.

Data protection remains a major concern in genetic testing after law enforcement agencies have made legal requirements for DNA sampling and genetic testing companies to identify suspects in criminal matters. Only this week it was reported that a Game Changer command issued in Florida allowed a police station to search the entire database of GEDmatch, a DNA testing firm, which was the case last year used by the police for catching the infamous Golden State killer.

Around 26 million consumers used a genetics test kit for the home.

Updated with commentary by Veritas.


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